Nozay - Loire Atlantique, France Course

Nozay - Loire Atlantique, France Course

Last Saturday 28 of January I conducted a Traditional Karate Do Course for one day in a place where I started a group in 2005. This time was very good opportunity to see students from different ages sharing the practice.

Some of them come from other groups of training but step by step they are adjusting their posture and different habits of body dynamics and technical adjustments.

They are using more and more the principles and they realise at first that they can develop more impact. 

This process has to be made with a good understanding of all principles that the Traditional Karate Do Institute offers in each course.

We can see children and adults performing day by day a better posture and mental attitude as well. 

The program of TKI will continue improving with a professional research in all countries we go. 

We are focusing our work in a global concept of education and the improvement of the practitioner in their health, mental balance, spirit of peace and good understanding of the Budo concept. From this concept practitioner will be more confident and will understand what a Martial Art is, then they can develop and improve in the practice and understand the reality.

Traditional Karate Do is not a kicking or punching sport and if we base the concept in an art of self defense we will improve in a real way. 

Was a very cold day last saturday but the students arrived to keep strong and concentrated.


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