Geneva Seminar

One more time I was in Geneva, Switzerland to conduct a Traditional Karate Do Seminar at the Kabuto Dojo in Plain-les Ouates where Senseis Jean Daniel Pfund and Alejandro Arregui teach sine many years.

The experience was excellent and the result very positive, I saw how children improved since last year and their motivation to learn.

Jean Daniel and Alejandro are a really serious instructors and dedicated to their students, the discipline and Budo aspect is improving a lot, they give all of their best to make the progress of the students.

Really I am very happy for this positive result, it demonstrate the principles of teaching and the methodology works.

Thanks to all for this great moment once again. I do not forget our friend Alvaro Flores who always
receive me in Geneva but this time he was travelling abroad.

I am happy to see Nuno again with the group, hope he will continue this way of learning, I'm sure he can be a good instructor in the future, he loves that.

Thanks also Sandra and Jean Daniel for their lovely fondue dinner and Alejandro for his fantastic time.

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