Meeting with Yahara Sensei Karate No Michi World Federation

Meeting with Yahara Sensei  Karate No Michi World Federation 

with Yahara Sensei and KWF Chairman

Last week in Malta i had the opportunity  to meet for the second time Yahara Sensei. This was during KWF World Cup.

The experience was very positive and rich, some other Karate Do friends were there who I know since many years.

I will give all this information during the next TKI Seminar in Perú. We have to be always positive when we have this kind of experiences, they are really rich in the human relations.

I would like to thanks Ammar who introduced Yahara Sensei to me, he trains with Yahaara Sensei since more than 22 years.

Ammar and Yahara Sensei

Also I had the pleasure to see after many years my Traditional Karate friend Franco Azzopardi, former Chief instructor of ITKF in Malta and his student Iden Azzopardi.
We spent a great time the day before the championship in a coffee place and share our thoughts about the passion we follow.

Iden, Franco & myself during the championship last sunday

I want to finish thank the WTKF delegation who attended  the event for their faire play and big respect and education in front of all Senseis, competitors and public.

WTKF representants in Kumite team

WTKF delegation with Yahara Sensei

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