Children Winter Camp

Children Winter Camp 2017

I was invited to teach several classes during the Winter Camp at the Dojo Stara Wies for children and youths.

Was a great experience, principally with all chids practicing with an excellent discipline and big energy.

The responsible of the Camp is Sensei Andrzej Maciejewski  and his staff of instructors from Warsaw.

In this first video students are performing Heian Sandan; we were working in technical details and principles of Traditional Karate Do. 

Good spirit, full attention and cooperation during all classes I was coaching.

I want to thanks Andrzej and Barbara for this prestige to teach in the camp and all participants of the event.

I was coaching a group of brown belts and black belt as well, during 3 days we performed: Jion, Jitte and Jiin with some applications and impact concept.


The most important think to me was the ambience, how educated were the students, they passed many hours of training and without any complain.

I have to leave tomorrow to Tokio and Okinawa but I go full of energy watching this new generation growing with a very deep Budo Concept.

The TKI is in this way and I will share this experience with all of you, welcome to our next seminar in Uruguay

Nelson Carrión
TKI Director

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